Kingston upon Thames has a buzzing music scene with venues like The Fighting Cocks and Ram Jam Records, and iconic record shops like Banquet Records and Shaks’ Stax of Wax. Kingston-based bands and artists of all ages and abilities are booking Joe Reeves Recording for a variety of music production services: songwriting, arranging, comping, editing, recording, mixing and mastering. But recently we’ve been getting a lot of enquiries from neighbouring Surbiton.

What can Joe Reeves Recording do for you?

Joe Reeves Recording is a project studio with top-of-the-range hardware and instruments, the latest industry-standard software and custom-designed acoustic treatment. The perfect space for recording, mixing and mastering in the Surbiton, Tolworth and Kingston areas. We have bags of experience working on all kinds of music, from dream pop to indie rock, hip hop to drill, or metal to EDM, Joe Reeves Recording has got you covered.

Do you have a band in Surbiton that needs a recording studio?

We offer a complete package from helping to finalise the writing and arrangement of songs, recording and mixing the songs, and mastering. The finished product will be a ‘radio-ready’ track to match any on Spotify!

We’ll welcome you into our homely studio space, where you’ll be met with the highest quality analogue and digital equipment guaranteed to spark your creativity. You’ll also get the lifelong experience and expertise of producer and owner Joe Reeves. Joe trained at Visconti Studios in London (named after famed producer Tony Visconti) and worked for award-winning engineer/producer Rob Grant at Poons Head Studios in Perth, Australia. Known for his dedication to a warm and authentically analogue sound, Joe’s productions combine the best of vintage techniques and integrity with modern digital flexibility.

A lot of artists today are able to part record and produce themselves, which is a great skill to acquire. The affordability of DAW’s such as Logic Pro and Ableton Live have helped artists create high-quality demos and even full productions, and we champion this, so we can offer custom quotes for smaller jobs such as vocal recording, editing and tuning, instrumental overdubs or virtual instrument programming.

What artists are saying about Joe Reeves Recording

“Joe offers a stylistic, well trained and creative approach. Mixing and audio capture at its best.” – Wave Chase

“Joe provides an outstanding service from start to finish. He has a great ear for detail, great technical expertise and great to work with.” – Bubye

“Joe has a great work ethic and an incredible ear for detail with some great vintage analogue gear, I’ve worked with him for years.” – Jack Grace

Why contact Joe Reeves Recording?

Joe Reeves Recording sits in green, leafy and quiet Norbiton just 2 minutes from Norbiton station. With flexible opening hours, phone lines open 7 days a week and quick responses to enquiries, Joe Reeves Recording are extremely easy to communicate with and book. Simply call or email for a friendly chat about your project and receive a quote in no time. We pride ourselves on our extremely competitive prices and top-quality industry-standard equipment. And with 13 years of experience, you know you’re in safe hands. Get in touch now.